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ibisazidesignersnyabyoidn [at] gmail [dot] com
Instagram: @ibisazi_designers_nyabyo

Ibisazi Designers Nyabyo (IDN) was founded in 2018 by Niyongabo Frederic (b. 1996, Kigali, Rwanda) and Ndiratuma Emmanuel (b. 1995, Goma, DRC). The two artists grew up in Kacyiru, Kigali, Rwanda in the deep slums. Due to the lack of basic needs in life, they had to drop out of school which made them fully concentrate on their artistic talents, each on their own. In 2018, they had the idea to work together and form IDN. They started IDN as they both made similar artworks, often considered as ‘craziness’ to those who do not know the meaning behind it. IDN is inspired by where they come from.

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